+Do you have valid permits to operate?

YES, we have valid Outfitting and Guiding permits issued by the US National Forest and CA Park & Recreation for all of the services we provide. When you ride with any other company or tour operator, ask them to show you their permits since it is illegal for a business to operate or deliver equipment to forest land without permits. We are sure you do not want to ride or explore with illegal companies who do not have approval to operate and which do not go through the regulatory quality controls of these governmental entities just like we have to go through.

+How are you different from other adventure companies?

Well to start with, we have permits. All our tours are are private (except 45 minute specials), which allows us to customize the tour just for you, whether you are a beginner or an expert rider, whether you just want to ride or just cruise and take pictures. The areas where we operate are very large (up to 130 miles of trails) and it is easy to get disoriented or lost on your own, that is why we are there with you in every step of the way of your private adventure. Why waste your time looking at maps and finding your way around to then learn the hard way that you ended up in a very dangerous trail or somewhere boring... with us you just tell one of our expert guides what you are looking for (difficulty level, off-road thrill, vistas, etc) and we customize the tour just for you, we do not only know where to go but also very important we know where not to go. Cellphone communication out there in the wild is not reliable so in those situations we carry Satellite phones along with our first aid kits, emergency procedures, tool kits, etc to be fully prepared for the adventure. So that is the main difference, we care more about your experience than any other adventure company.

+Which location is closest to me?

Click here to try out our new map tool to figure it out.

+How old do you have to be to ride?

We have vehicles and equipment for riders from 3 years old kids to 100+ year old off-roaders, we provide the right equipment with the right size for each of our guests. Keep in mind that if there are young kids in your group we will accommodate the tour route and pace to their skill level.

  • Min age to ride a side by side ATV or Jeep as a passenger is 3 years old and you would need to provide the child seats as necessary
  • Kids 5 to 11 can only ride their own quad in the campground
  • Min age to drive a quad in the trails is 12 years old
  • No one under the age of 15 can drive a Side by Side ATV. For someone from the age of 15 to 17 to drive, they need to be accompanied and supervised by their parents or legal guardians, not by any other family member or friend
  • No one under the age of 14 can ride a Segway
  • No one under the age of 16 can participate in ANY non-private ATV tour
  • No minor (anyone under 18) is allowed to drive any motorized vehicle unless supervised by and adult holder of a valid ATV Safety Education Card. All our guides are holders of such certification and therefore your kids can ride their own quad!
  • For mountain bike, fishing and hiking adventures, there area no age limitations
  • Even if your child meets the above age criteria, our guides might still determine that their size or maneuvering skill are not suitable to ride safely
  • Please be aware that equipment sized for kids younger than 12 might not always be available for same day reservations.

+What should I wear?

Weather conditions change often at all of our locations, and now in this time of the year it can get cold in the mountains. We always ride in any weather condition so you should check your favorite weather forecast. No matter what the weather is, we always recommend to wear long pants (preferably though pants like jeans or riding pants), over the ankle closed shoes (no flip flops or sandals), and use long sleeve layered clothing so that you can put it on or take it off as the weather conditions change, and don't forget that any clothes that you wear will most likely get very dirty. Over the ankle boots (hiking boots or similar) are mandatory at the Bay Area, Los Angeles and Sacramento locations. Keep in mind that wearing the appropriate clothing will not only protect you from the weather but also from debris from the trails, other vehicles, insects, etc plus it will be additional protection in the event of an accident. We provide you, at no extra cost, with safety equipment (Helmets, Goggles and Gloves) as well as hygienic head covers to wear under the helmet.

+What is the cancellation policy?

Once you make your reservation, we block the equipment off in our calendar so that no one else can book it. Our availability is limited and therefore our cancellation policy states that all reservations are final, will be collected at the time of making the reservation, cannot be returned, cancelled or rescheduled and are non-refundable. We ride in any weather condition and we have a great time whether it rains or shines! Disputed credit card transactions will be challenged with our proven system and credit card holder will be responsible for all collection costs.

+How do I get to your location?

Be advised that we operate by appointment only. To get directions please click here.

+How large of a group adventure can you accomodate?

We have done adventures from just one single person all the way up to a 2,000 people company event and everything in between. Contact us so that we can understand what you are looking for and provide you with options.